Our History

Originally founded as “Lawrence Solow and Associates” in 1993, Larry Solow realized he could add the most value to clients by synthesizing his knowledge and experiences in the areas of people, processes, and strategy to create and implement customized change processes. In fact, Mr. Solow’s original value proposition to clients was, “Only through strong and aligned people, processes, and strategy can meaningful change be brought about and sustained.”

His first projects were for AlliedSignal Aerospace, where his independent consultant status allowed him to contribute in ways that were not allowed in his previous role as Manager, Total Quality. Positive referrals and prior relationships led to other projects both inside and outside of the United States.

Mr. Solow recognized early that his passion was in direct client contact rather than building a large consulting firm. As a result, he established a series of reciprocal sub-contracting relationships with world-class consultants in a variety of areas.

Lawrence Solow and Associates incorporated as 3-D Change, Inc. in 2002 in order to better communicate the kinds of consulting that Larry and his network could provide.

In additional consulting focus emerged in 2008. Mr. Solow had been introduced to chaos and complexity theory in the early 1990s, presenting at the first Chaos Network Conference in 1991 where he met Dr. Glenda Eoyang, founder of Human Systems Dynamics. He rekindled that relationship in trying to better understand the reasons his linear process improvement models and tools weren’t always accomplishing their stated objectives. Larry became certified as a Human Systems Dynamics Professional by the HSD Institute, later co-authoring the book, “What Works for GE May Not Work for You: Using Human Systems Dynamics to Build a Culture of Process Improvement.”

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