Making Strategy Work

If you asked 10 employees at random to describe your organization’s strategy and goals, how consistent would they be?

If your employees haven’t internalized your strategy, how can they use it to:

  • Establish priorities?
  • Guide behavior?
  • Innovate and create?
  • Establish appropriate metrics?

Strategy Creation and Communication

3-D Change, Inc. utilizes a variety of models and techniques to help organizations identify and implement their mission, vision, values, and strategy. Specific techniques include:

  • Organizational Fitness Profiling,
  • Strategic levers, and
  • Scenario planning.

Once the strategy has been defined, it must be efficiently and effectively communicated throughout the organization. Communication tools include:

  • Communication matrices, and
  • Message mapping

Total Learning Architecture©

The acquisition, utilization, and dissemination of learning and knowledge is critical to create and sustain organizational change. 3-D Change, Inc. has partnered with Global Consulting Alliance to develop a system-wide framework that enables organizations to identify their learning needs and create customized learning processes for every level of employee.

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