Improving Processes

Processes are perfectly designed to produce the results they are currently achieving!

Are your processes:

  • Effective?
  • Efficient?
  • User-friendly?


Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma approach is a customer focused, data driven approach to process improvement. While classic Lean Six Sigma approaches are mostly quantitative in nature, 3-D Change, Inc.’s approach emphasizes utilizing data and rigorous analysis in the context of larger, systemic change. Therefore, in addition to user-friendly analytical tools, the following topics are also covered:

  • Change management,
  • Communication skills,
  • Meeting management,
  • Project management, and
  • Team dynamics.

Problem Solving Diamond©

Copyrighted by 3-D Change, Inc., this robust model has evolved from a variety of problem solving processes, and utilizes a diamond – valuable like the gem, and a path to success like a baseball diamond – to make problem solving easy to understand and do. This tool provides a perfect introduction to problem solving and process improvement for those organizations that are not yet ready to implement Lean Six Sigma.

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