Developing Leaders and Teams

What’s the only asset that can’t be easily replicated by your competitors? Your People!

And in today’s turbulent environment, they need support:

  • Dealing with change – internally and externally – is a critical challenge.
  • Continuous learning is a critical competency.
  • Changing demographics create new requirements for leaders and managers.

Leader, Manager, and Supervisor Development

3-D Change, Inc. provides a variety of processes to help leaders, managers, and supervisors become more effective in their positions.

Each of these processes utilizes:

  • Principles of adult learning to provide conceptually sound learning experiences
  • Practical tools,
  • Real work and immediate application, and
  • Coaching to assure that concepts will be translated into daily work behavior.

Team Building

3-D Change, Inc. helps make existing teams more effective as well as speeding the development of new teams by:

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing teams (using 360° feedback and other diagnostic tools where appropriate),
  • Coaching team leaders and sponsors,
  • Leading new team kick-offs, and
  • Facilitating team meetings.

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