Human Systems Dynamics

“People -and organizations — DON’T act like “well oiled machines.” They are better thought of as gardens — integrated, complex, constantly changing systems that often defy the laws of “guaranteed,” “cause and effect” models of change.

The concepts and tools of Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) provide new ways to make change happen in human systems.

Concepts and tools include:

  • Recognition of systemic patterns
  • Use of the “C-D-E” framework to influence those patterns
  • Implementing process improvement in complex systems: Lean, Six Sigma, and other process improvement initiatives are often implemented using a linear, “cookbook” approach. This body of concepts and tools offers ways to better match implementation to the complex patterns of the people, teams, and organization.
  • Strategic Fitness Planning: SFP focuses on new ways to assess current and future organizational, technological, competitive and marketplace patterns. It then offers ways to influence those in desired ways.




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